The Suite Life

Whether it be building a house with the perfect bedroom or renovating your current one, it is no surprise that where we spend the beginning and end of our day is important to us. Our master bedrooms can be an oasis of luxury and we have the tips on how to bring in a quiet piece or pop of energy for you to wake up to.

Expand Your Horizons

Expanding an existing bedroom can be difficult, but seeing consider if rooms adjacent to your space would be better used for your bedroom. Swapping space in your craft room for a walk-in closet or reading nook can bring you more functionality and comfort.

Having your perfect bedroom is a mix of creating a functional space and display of your personality. Investing in your bedroom is investing in yourself so that you can have a luxurious escape to say sweet dreams!

Mood Ring Walls

Remember those mood rings that would change color with how you were feeling? Create an opposite effect in your own bedroom by painting your walls to how you want to feel when you walk in the door. If you want your room to bring you tranquility, paint it in pastel or cool colors. If you want to wake up ready to tackle the world, try this year’s electric trend of cobalt blue or another bright color. For those that like their rooms to feel like its own little world, a black or navy blue matte are great options to turn off everything but your alarm clock. The best part about paint is it isn’t permanent and can change with you!


Romeo + Juliet

A romantic and luxe way to upgrade your bedroom is to expand your bedroom to include its own personal patio or balcony that overlooks your garden. It can be a private spot for you to sip wine and watch a sunset by yourself or with someone special. Floor to ceiling windows with french doors gives you a bit of drama to going outside quick to check the weather.

Mixed Metals

This trend is on the runway and soon could be in your bedroom decor. Silver and gold together is a great way to bring in one of 2014’s biggest trends while keeping your room infrastructure the same. You can also consider metals like rose gold, pewter, and brass to create more monochromatic looks if you lean toward a cooler or warmer scheme. For example, a modern silver with a texturized pewter piece will work great in gray or dusted blue spaces. Bright spaces can benefit from a shiny gold and matte brass combination as well. Going antiquing for these pieces can save you money on experimenting with your favorite look.

Credits // Author: Kelsey Klemme

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