Fashion & Beauty | February 5, 2015

The Printed Top

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Printed tops are sometimes very hard to wear, and you can find them just laying on the floor in your room calling your name. However hard they are to wear, printed tops do wonders for some women. Printed tops often look great with colored pants, and plain black leggings depending on the print and color of the top.


Our ivory and black polka dot top, for instance, looks great with just a white cami and some burgundy leggings. This is a very easy way to pair a print with a color.  It is a great outfit for the casual day at work, or a simple date to the café.

Dressing up our white and black print top is also very easy to do by just adding a red, or mustard colored long sleeve shirt and black leggings. This is great for work or even a movie night. This printed shirt can also be paired with a pencil skirt, tan long sleeve jacket and Marliee pendant necklace for a more business look.

Stripes are sometimes the hardest print to wear. “Horizontal stripes makes you look wider” MYTH! We prove this wrong with our black and white striped top. These horizontal stripes, and the cut of the shirt is actually very slimming on most women. Pair this sweater with a black bubble vest and black leggings for a simple casual look.


So in the end prints are not your enemy. They can sometimes be the best thing for your body. Everybody can find one print or another that they look good in, and bringing in color helps a lot.


Credits // Author: Sydney Lafrentz  -  Photos: Richelle Smith

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