Food & Recipe  | October 15, 2015

The Donut Craze

Donuts don't need much in the way of an introduction. They are delicious, gooey, sweet, decadent, and oh so good. Here is an ode to the donut craze taking over all things food.


Donuts have a long and lustrous history, but with somewhat of a disputed origin into the world. Some give the nod to Dutch settlers arriving in North America in the 19th century bringing with them donuts or oliekoeks, the Dutch word for "oil cake." Other give the nod to American Gregory Hansen for inventing the well known ring shaped donut. It wasn't until the 1920s when Adolph Levitt began producing donuts using a machine in New York City that the mass production of donuts began; bringing the treat to the masses. To the Dutch settlers, Gregory Hansen, and Adolph Levitt, we salute and thank you for bringing this delicious treat to our attention.

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What isn't in dispute is the popularity of donuts themselves. From National Donut Day to the ability to rationalize this delicacy as both a breakfast and a dessert food, a donut craze is in full swing.  There is something for everyone in the world of donuts. Take for example one of the newest innovations within the realm of donuts—donut sandwiches. By cutting a donut in half, the possibilities are endless. For the breakfast lovers, there are eggs and bacon to add between the two gooey layers.  If you are more a lunch person, try a hamburger. If dessert is your thing, try ice cream or another indulgence between the top and bottom.


If your mouth is watering, don't worry. Homemade donuts can be just as delicious as those found at your local bakery and are also relatively easy to make. Creating these tasty treats at home is becoming a very popular trend for a number of reasons. Using your own kitchen allows for the opportunity to put your creativity skills to use. It also allows for control over the amount, and the type, of ingredients put into the recipe. Putting your baking skills to work can also be more cost effective than visiting your local bakery and can inspire cooks to share their donut variations with others whether it be via blog or inviting friends over as taste-testers.

With many tips and tricks out there, those hesitant to jump on board the homemade donut craze need not worry. Blogger Natalie Dalpias, who regularly shares her creativity on her blog, knew her family loved fresh, hot donut and wanted a way to create these treats at home for her family. This inspired her to create a homemade donut recipe that she shared with her readers via her blog and it is the perfect way to get started preparing these indulgences right in your very own kitchen.

Credits // Author: Jamie Chase Galvin

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