Unless you are born with a green thumb, keeping leafy house-guests alive for more than 2 weeks can be quite a chore. Take a look at our staying alive guide for your houseplants.


Bringing green into your home is a great way to get through the dreary months. However, maintaining houseplants does come with challenges. Keep your indoor jungle going and growing with these green tips.

Staying Alive



Not enough water and plants dry up, too much and rot takes over. Stick to a schedule based on light and humidity. Let a plant become a touch dry before watering again.



Most plants come with a tag suggesting full sun, part sun, or shade. A north or east-facing window requires plants with shade or part sun tags. Southern or western light means plants with full sun tags.



Watering the soil helps roots and stems. Give the leaves special care by spritzing them every few days, especially when your home is heated.



Even if a container has holes, rocks or drainage material is needed at the bottom so excess water can drain away from the dirt. This prevents root rot.



Plants don’t like change. So when possible, find a spot they love and keep them there.



Cure any infestation or disease before bringing a new plant inside. For planting, use fresh potting soil. Also do not place plants near heat or air ducts, on radiators, televisions, or sandwiched between curtains and a cold, drafty window.



Tips and Tricks

  1. When starting out, pick hardy, easy to grow plants.
  2. Choose a location similar to the plant’s native environment.
  3. Before you pour, check the soil. If it feels moist, don’t. Over-watering kills most plants.
  4. Fertilize once in both the spring and fall. Use a mix that includes nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus.
  5. Buy a water bulb and insert into the soil, it will do your watering, as it is needed.


Credits // Author: Wendi Wendt

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