In today’s high tech real estate market, the majority of buyers start their searches for a new home on-line. So think about the exterior photo. Does your house show enough curb appeal to get prospective buyers’ attention? Many buyers drive past a home, looking at the neighborhood too, before they decide if they want to get inside.


Here’s how to gain curb appeal:

  • Start with a clean house-power wash the siding if it needs it!
  • A new coat of paint is great…or maybe consider painting just the front door. Top front door colors are: yellow, deep red, black, orange…when it works with complementary tones, green and blue. A grey-blue is said to work well with a variety of architectural styles!
  • Changing the welcome mat is a good idea and even take a look at the door knob and the house numbers.
  • The lawn needs to be mowed and edged, and of course, landscaping should be trimmed! These details tell prospective buyers that the owner cares about their home, and that the inside is well kept too.
  • Fresh mulch is always a good idea, and fresh flowers-colorful flowers and appealing landscaping can make a great first impression. It is said that yellow flowers stimulate buying urges,  so look for yellow tulips and daffodils.
  • Don’t overlook things like the garage door-make sure it is clean and paint it if necessary
  • Shutters can get dingy looking, and today you can purchase pre-painted shutters for about the same price as a can of good exterior paint!
  • Take a look at the windows, make sure they are sparkling clean, but also look at how the window treatments appear from the outside of the home.


They say you only get one chance to make a first impression, and that makes a big difference in the real estate world! Spruce up and get ready to sell!


Credits // Author: Sharon Rooney

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