American Made Profile | July 8, 2015

Short Stack

Nick Fauchald, a Brooklyn food writer and entrepreneur talks to American Link about Short Stack, a hip new food publication, made in America.


How did Short Stack get started?

“I started my career in food magazines, and then shifted my focus to online publications, apps and digital cookbooks. But I missed working with tangible paper products, and so did my partners. We wanted to create something that combined our backgrounds. We love both cookbooks and food magazines, so we combined our interests and those two mediums.”


“Kickstarter helped us put out our first three books. We then did three more in 2013, six in 2014 and six in 2015.”

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The Product

Short Stack is a series of small, collectible cookbooks that have a modern, artsy look and a simple, handcrafted touch. Each features one ingredient and one author. The books are full of creative new ways to use one ingredient. If you thought you had whipped up every egg concoction you could imagine…think again. The cute, pop-art covered cookbooks can be found at over one hundred retailers around the world as well as online at


“We are filling the space between cookbooks and magazines.”


American Made Materials

Each copy is made using quality American Made paper and “printed locally at Circle Press in Manhattan - the last printing press company from the 20th century”. Each and every book is hand-bound in Brooklyn using baker’s twine.


The production process, which takes place in New York, is intimate - a group of people get together to hand-stitch each copy.

Thoughts on American Made

“I think it’s wonderful. I grew up in the small town of Red Wing, Minnesota, where Red Wing Shoes are made. When I moved to New York City, I starting seeing the boots everywhere; they'd become a big deal in the fashion industry. It's just one example of our renewed interest in heritage brands.”


For Nick and his co-founders, producing overseas didn’t outweigh production here in America. “We've looked into printing the books outside of America, but we didn't see a big enough savings to give up on a completely American-made product."

Advice for the American Entrepreneur

Whether it’s “ignorance or courage” or a little of both, Nick’s advice is, “just try it”. “People talk about it but don’t get much further. We could have talked ourselves out of it, but we gave it a shot.”


“You don’t need a CEO or accountant to run a well-managed business, but they certainly do help. You definitely need to have great products and a solid business plan. We found there aren't enough resources out there for starting a business like ours. I'm hoping to put together a group of other independent food publishers so we can share resources and support each other.”


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Credits // Author: Wendi Wendt   Photos Provided By: Short Stack

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