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Secrets From A Professional Organizer

Lost in emails, paper, and chaos? Lori Vande Krol, founder of Life Made Simple LLC, spilled the beans on how to tackle clutter in our lives and make time for the things we love.


1. Have a good calendar system.

Lori recommends using a calendar that is readily accessible. Programs like Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar allow you to view or edit your schedule at any time. Using a calendar system provides convenience in syncing your personal life with your work schedule, as well as your spouse’s schedule. A color-coded master calendar at home is another great way to keep everyone in the family on the same page (or in the right place!).


2. Everybody and everything should have its own inbox.

By inbox, Lori means a space to put those papers or items you need to deal with, but that you don’t want sitting in stacks on the kitchen table. This can be anything from “pockets” designed to hang on the wall, to baskets or filing drawers.

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3. If you have kids, everyone needs their own space, organized by activity.

With fall activities and sports picking up, Lori says its great to have a system for your kids to store their own stuff when they get home.  To keep track of backpacks, gym bags or jackets, create an at home “locker” to get them in the habit of putting things away. Just as seasons change, you can switch out the different sports bags, jackets, etc. Once a system is in place, it’s easier to create organized habits and environments.


Tips to managing information overload…

Part of it is discipline, but the other part is having a good program that allows you to manage your emails, time, and tasks. Lori recommends using either Microsoft Outlook or Gmail. Every time a new email comes in, you must do one of the following:

o File it away

o Act on it

o Delete it

About Lori Vande Krol:

Lori co-founded A Life Made Simple LLC in 2005. Based in Des Moines, she specializes in home, office, and business systems organization. Whether you’re trying to create more space, use less paper, Lori can help you create a more efficient and productive environment.


Take Lori’s Productivity Quiz! Fill in the scorecard to see how organized you are.

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