American Made Profile | July 5, 2015

Reed Wilson Design

Life is full of possibilities. Sometimes they arrive at your doorstep when you least expect it. That was the case for Reed Wilson. The young man from Colorado wasn’t always the owner of one of the country’s new success stories, Reed Wilson Design. Just a few years ago, when Wilson moved to New York he had no way of knowing where his creativity and career would take him in the not-too-distant future.



“I was watching a TV show about how people were coming up with ideas of thwarting home invaders and crime,” Wilson explained. “That’s when I had a spur-of-the-moment idea to create a floor mat.” This floor mat was anything but a welcome sign for would-be robbers. Wilson adds, “Those first mats just said, ‘The neighbors have better stuff’”.


That was the tongue-in-cheek catalyst that started a whirlwind of attention — and business — for the young man who suddenly found himself at the helm of something big. “That first mat got picked up and featured in the New York Times,” he recalls. “And that led to more and more orders from people who wanted their own.”


That was 2012. Today, Wilson’s company creates an imaginative range of doormats, salt and pepper shakers, and coasters that are available in a store near you — from mom-and-pop-shops to large chain retailers across the U.S. Before his business took off, Wilson was putting his design education and extensive experience to work. Now his work has taken on a life of its own.

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“We’re definitely American made,” declares Wilson. “For example, our coasters are cut in Colorado then shipped here to New York, where I process orders and finish them. They’re made to order before I ship them out.” The comments that come back mean a lot to the new entrepreneur.


“It’s fun to hear what people think and the ideas they come up with themselves. I’ve had several who have chimed in with their own suggestions for lines to go on future floor mats.” He clarifies, “I don’t get a lot of feedback per se from the retailers who carry our products. But even if they don’t say anything, I’m still getting the great feedback that comes in the form of them ordering more and more.”


For Wilson, the journey to this point has been very rewarding. “There’s a really great sense of pride that I feel getting the type of positive response we’ve had from people,”


“It’s great to hear that people like what they see that we’re creating so much that they consider giving it to someone else as a gift. That’s very special to me, along with the fact that orders keep coming in,” he adds with a smile.


“For me, it’s really amazing, especially considering this isn’t something that I had really actively pursued doing. I have friends all over who will take a picture of one of our products in their area and send it to me. It’s fantastic.”


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Credits // Author: Dave Danielson   Photos Provided By: Reed Wilson Design

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