Fashion & Beauty | May 7, 2015

My Johnson Benjamin Tote

School keeps me busy, and I fully believe a busy woman calls for a big, open tote bag. The Johnson Benjamin Forever Tote is perfect for any women with things to get done. It looks perfect with nearly any outfit, and takes the general ware and tare of everyday life very well. This is what I keep inside:


Field Notes Ruled Memo Books: Being a full time student, these do great things for me. I love how I can write down something I need to remember, for example “submit scholarship by June 23rd” and slip it into my tote. It hardly takes up any room, and leaves plenty of space in my Johnson Benjamin Forever Tote for my “more important” items. $12.95 for 3 notebooks


Celebrate the Little Things Mini Banner: I am a full believer of the saying “give a little, get a little” and I think this is a great thing to throw in your tote for the friend that’s having a bad day, or the person who helps you carry your groceries to your car. Buy it now for only$13.99!


Tribal Dolman Top: Okay, this one may be a little strange. I love to keep my favorite shirt with me in-case of a surprise event or dinner. What I love so much about this shirt is it doesn't wrinkle! Wear it with leggings and sandals, jeggings and wedges, or even tuck it into joggers and throw on some flats. This shirt is sure to dress up any outfit for those surprising moments in life. Click here to buy the top, only $29.99!


Cinda b. Cosmetic Bag: Finally I love to keep my makeup with me. I have found that this little medium cosmetic bag from cinda b is the perfect things for all my makeup needs.  It is long enough for each and every one of my brushes, and all my powder fits perfectly inside. It is the perfect size for my Johnson Benjamin Forever Tote, and to top it off the pattern is super cute! Buy it now for only $23.00!


The Johnson Benjamin Forever Tote is perfect for the woman on the go, or simply a stay at home mom, a full time student, or the working professional. Come get yours today!

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Credits // Author: Sydney Lafrentz  -  Photos: Richelle Smith

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