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My Fitness Pal

It can be daunting to go out to eat or grab a drink with friends when you have set a new diet or eating plan for yourself. Eliminate that fear with the free MyFitnessPal app! This app makes it easy to keep track of what you’re eating but goes way beyond the calories into other important nutritional information like sugar, fat, and sodium intake. Check out what features we love best!

Food Diary

Have you ever had one of those moments where you can’t remember what you had for lunch? With MyFitnessPal, you can enter your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks to keep a running food diary. If you have a weight loss goal, MyFitnessPal will calculate your daily calorie allowance and subtract calories from it as you record through the day. You can manually enter what you’re eating and find the information already entered for you with the app’s vast library of foods.


MyFitnessPal is great for calculating what you’ve eaten throughout the day but also clocks your physical exercise. Since a healthy diet and exercise are both needed for most lifestyle and fitness goals, you can monitor your workouts and diet in one place. Even if you can’t get to a gym each day, enter the minutes you walked to grab lunch with coworkers or danced at that party last night. MyFitnessPal includes those daily physical activities in addition to gym-based workouts, meaning that you can still see the benefits of taking the stairs in the app even on your resting day from the gym.


Only you can be the one to decide if you are going to accomplish your goals, but it has never hurt to have some cheerleaders by your side. MyFitnessPal has a community feature that allows you to connect with friends and like and comment on each other’s fitness accomplishments. So when you record that thirty minute dog walk on a beautiful day, your friends will give you a thumbs up for taking Fido to the park instead of the backyard.


Sync your information with MyFitnessPal’s online website. The website has more in-depth community features, such as forums, where you can connect with new people and ask questions. The website also features a blog and other apps you can download that are fitness and health related. Be sure to bookmark this one and sync your information for access at any time!

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