American Made Profile | July 22, 2015


American Link spoke with Frederick Bouchardy about his innovative fragrance design studio, Joya. Established in 2006, and headquartered in New York City, Joya manufactures handcrafted, ethically responsible products using premium ingredients.


Tell us about Joya, how did it start?

“Well, I’m a native New Yorker; and after school I worked in an American Law Firm in Hong Kong, and for a French TV station; but I was looking to combine my own ideas for a business, with aesthetic ideas as well. So, I dove into the world of researching fragrances, and the various botanical and cultural histories and ingredients involved.”


Frederick quickly realized that the huge corporate companies didn’t really appreciate outsiders so he had to do his “own thing”.


“I got one client, then 2, then a third – a big company. Then I started to get the seal of approval from a great client, then another. One great client got me another. We started to get exclusive and limited editions. Brought in my folks--both have experience in manufacturing in America. Surrounded myself with great people, they helped me overcome mistakes I was making.”

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Tell me about your products. What makes them unique?

Joya is a creative fragrance studio. “We design and distribute product. Our limited selections are found worldwide. We want to fill a desire with our perfumes, soaps, candles, diffusers.”


“We make the entire product; we do our own testing, and even make the porcelain that the fragrances come in. We create fragrances for hotels, retailers, fashion, and lifestyle; giant hotels or a single location that wants their own fragrance.”


“I have designed the ‘fragrance identity’ for the Marriott Hotels, which will officially launch globally in 2016 in the form of perfumed candles and air fragranced through the HVAC systems.”

American Made Materials

 “We employ local artisans,” Frederick begins. “We create everything in-house, aside from fragrance oils and specialty raw materials. Everything else I need I can get in the (United) States. There are so many incredible manufactures in the States and I can support the American economy.”


“We do pull in many fragrance oils and certain specialty raw materials from overseas. There are only less than 10 oils that are native to the States. We also get one specific wax type from Malaysia, while the others are all sourced domestically.”


 “I like to be able to control quality, most of all; but also lead time, order requirements and restrictions, and to support the American economy.”

What do you think about the American-made Movement?

“For me it’s not really a movement. American’s have always been innovators, hustlers, and manufacturers. The country was built on production and how to transport products. I am happy that there is conversation about this now; maybe that’s the movement. Today makers and crafts people can use Instagram, and build websites to support their production, distribution, and information. This supports the movement. It’s not really a return to American manufacturing, it’s a return to people having interest in the how things are made, the ingredients, and where they come from.”

Credits // Author: Wendi Wendt   Photos Provided By: Joya

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