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Feel The Burn

Have fun and feel results. Trainer TJ Latcham from Fitness World in Ankeny, Iowa taught us these fitness moves that are simple and easy to do on the go - perfect for a day at the park or on a lunch break from work.


About the Expert: “I have been a personal trainer for 5 years. My certification is ACE and a Specialty certificate through NASM in golf. My favorite workouts are using a variety of heavy lifts with functional ones. That way you get the best of both worlds! Life is all about balance! When it comes to the gym people get stuck in a rut so easily because we are all creatures of habit, I am a firm believer in you must make change to create change!”

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Side-to-Side Bench Jumps – 30 jumps

Start off by standing next to a bench and placing your hands on the center for balance and support. Pushing off with your feet, bend your knees and jump across the bench from side to side. Work your lower body and core and by doing 30 jumps.

Walking Lunges – 2 sets of 20

Standing with your torso upright, hold two dumbbells or a medicine ball in front of your chest. Step forward with your right foot, about two feet, and go down on your left knee. Be sure to not let your front right knee go past your toes and keep your shin perpendicular to the ground. Return to your starting position and do the same on the other side. Do this for 20 lunges forward, and then 20 lunges back.

Weighted Squats – 20-25 squats

Begin with your feet about shoulder width apart. Holding a medicine ball or dumbbells, lower down into a squatting position with you knees together and lean back at a 45-degree angle, engaging your core muscles. Using the momentum of the weight, return to standing position while swinging your medicine ball/dumbbells upward about chest height. Do 20-25 squats.

Dumbbell Twist – 40 sec

Sit on the ground while holding a medicine ball or two dumbbells in in front of your chest. Place you knees about hip width apart, and lean back just enough so your feet do not touch the ground. With your shoulders relaxed and your elbows bent, twist your abdomen from side to side, moving the medicine ball/dumbbells with you. Do this for about 40 seconds.

Bench Split Squat – 15 on each leg

Hold your hands together in front you and rest the top of one foot on a bench behind you. Keeping your torso upright, squat down so your back knee almost touches the floor. Make sure your front knee stays behind your toes. Return to your original standing position and repeat 15 times on each leg.

Credits // Author: Sydney Lafrentz  -  Photos: Richelle Smith

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