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DIY Easter Tablescape

Getting family and friends together for an Easter brunch at your home is a great way to spend time with your loved ones. An event like this is best kept simple so that you can focus on your company and not worry about your presentation. With our Easter Table, you are certain to be prepared for the holiday

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This burlap place mat is a neutral way to set the scene for your place setting while also bringing in a natural theme, perfect in time for spring.

Pastel Mason Jars

Find clear mason jars, available at any craft store, and paint them in your favorite pastel hue. This is your centerpiece and you can fill the jar with coordinating flowers from your local florist. A pastel pink jar hosting roses or a pastel purple with lilac are two popular options.

Bird Nest

Create this bird nest look in a couple easy steps. Take a pair of scissors and cut a wicker decor ball (which you can pick up at any craft store or big box store) in half. Fill the nest with colored chocolates or any candies to complete the look.


Fresh cut flowers is an easy way to dress up any table scape. To create this look, we use a fish bowl, a mason jar, moss, tree branches and of course, fresh cut flowers.


In the fish bowl, we placed a mason jar filled with water in the middle of the fish bowl. We then filled around it with moss and tree branches to give the centerpiece an outdoors feel. To finish off the look, we added a bouquet of brightly color flowers.

Unique Accents

Head to a local thrift shop or dollar section of your big box store to find some unique inexpensive accents for your table.

Decorative Eggs

Placing decorative eggs around your table adds a bit of personality. One great way to tie it in to your table is to use glitter in a color that compliments how you painted your mason jar.

Credits // Author: Kelsey Klemme  - Photos: Richelle Smith

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