Fashion & Beauty | June 5, 2015

Project: Flowers

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I usually have some flowers in the living room because I think they bring a lot of liveliness into the house. I’d had these Baby’s Breath for over a month, and they were looking more and more sad every day. It was time for some fresh flowers.

My two go-to’s are Baby’s Breath and Hydrangeas. Sometimes by themselves in different vases, but if the Hydrangeas aren’t very big I’d pair the two together in the same vase. If I had to pick a favorite flower, which is mighty difficult because I LOVE FLOWERS; it would be Hydrangeas. I love how effortlessly elegant they look and being a minimalist, Hydrangeas just fit all the prerequisites of a simple and sweet display for the home.

I got my regular Hydrangeas, but I also wanted something a little different, but has a similar simplistic style as Hydrangeas. These Garbera Daisies caught my eyes and I knew I had found the right substitute. They came in different shades of yellow and pink. And I went with an ivory one and a pretty light coral one. I wanted a little pop of color to go with the daisies so I got a regular home bouquet with a couple different kinds of garden flowers. I wanted to get some Baby’s Breath as well, but the floral shop ran out of them. But apparently they had a stranded bunch left so the kind lady just gave it to me for free! Needless to say, I will be coming back the next time I need flowers for anything.

I felt the spring in my step as I got home, ready to help the flowers settle into their new home. With a pair of scissors and my milk bottle vase filled with 3/4 full water, I was ready to go. The first step is putting in the flower food. I just followed the instructions on the packet. A flower’s got to eat. Next I held each flower up to the bottle and measured the length I wanted, cut off the excess and into the bottle it went! I did that for all the flower, and voila! Welcome to your new home, my flower friends.

I put the remaining flowers from the bouquet that I didn’t use into a different vase and put them in the kitchen. They look perfect by my kitchen window. I sighed in contentment as I set them on the panel.

I can’t stop looking at the flowers on my coffee table. They look so wonderful together. As I wrote this I couldn't help taking breaks staring at them, admiring how simple yet elegant they looked. Project: Flowers - success.

Credits // Author & Photography: Sue Ann Chong

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