Fashion & Beauty | June 19, 2015

Decorating with Books

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Have you ever stood in front of your bookshelf just admiring the book collection you have accrued over the years? I have. Books rule. In between the covers are worlds and realities beautifully painted with eloquent wording. For the longest time, I have wanted to do something creative with the books I own instead of just storing them on the shelf. I started by researching how to decorate with books. When I finished, I was so inspired by all the creative and fun ideas I found. Thank you, Internet, for making this project that much easier.

I took out all my books and had piles of them sitting on my living room floor before I embarked on my makeover. I started with the coffee table. Without any fancy crafting or extravagant decorating skills, I put a stack of books under my vase of flowers and it was done! I made sure to choose a book with a nice cover to set on top of the stack. I was amazed at how much they added to the tablescape.

Next, I selected a few more books and put a stack on one of my side tables, finishing with two pinecones. I know it is not exactly pinecone season anymore, but I love the look and smell of pinecones, hence, the pinecone décor. If you want to do this at your home, you can use whatever decor you would like to accompany the books. I also chose the books that I would likely read when I’m just lounging and laying on my couch on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

For my little music corner, where I put my ukulele and guitar, I put two stacks of books to create a little stand for an art frame. I love how layered the whole thing looks. It immediately brought a lot of interest to a previously plain little corner in my living room.

Finally, I wanted to do something more epic with my remaining books, so I put together a coffee table with books as the legs and a tray for the tabletop. Yes, call me ambitious. I love the outcome! It looks adorable, and sophisticated simultaneously. With a few more books, and some flowers in a vase on top, my living room was successfully transformed into a wonderland of sophistication.

Credits // Author & Photography: Sue Ann Chong

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