Renee Pedro started her business, Crash Pad Designs, in 2009, when she bought a house in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Renee remembers, “What we loved most about our new house was the mid-century interior. My new kitchen had a yellow 1963 Philco electric stove and yellow and gray tile. When I couldn't find kitchen textiles to compliment my stove; I designed some. I went from kitchen towels to shower curtains. Now my company also makes throw pillows, blankets, outdoor pillows, and bedding.”


The Product

The eclectic feel of Renee’s mod pillows, shower curtains, blankets, and clocks are fun, colorful, and add a touch of funky spunk to any room. In addition, you can have yours made custom by picking from over 20 different eye-catching patterns.


“…My inspiration is mid century art, design, and culture. My designs are why my products are unique, although mid century inspired; they are retro but very modern. My fabrics are digitally printed, which is cleaner, and more environmentally friendly than traditional printing methods.”


Renee explains the company title, “… Crash Pad Designs conveys the feel of my designs. Because coming home should make you smile.”


All the home textiles are designed exclusively by Renee; then printed, and sewn on the East Coast. The clock components are made in America, and assembled in her studio.

Made in America

Renee was committed to American-made right from the start, “because of the state of the economy.”


However, it was easier said than done, “When I started, the technology was new, and it was hard to find someone in America doing it. I could have easily had my fabrics printed in India or China, but I didn’t want to do that.”


“In the beginning of ‘Crash Pad Designs’, I had my fabrics printed; and I sewed everything myself. Now, I have everything printed and sewn in North Carolina. I have a relationship with a company I can grow with, so I will never have to have my products made outside of the US. My fabrics are all made in the US.”


Renee also feels strongly about the American-made movement.


“…when I started my business it was in the middle of the recession. The thought of sending my money to another country didn't seem right to me. As my business grows, I feel proud that there are Americans who have work everyday because of my business. I'm proud that my products are made in America. I tell people all the time; it's on my website, and on my product tags. I 'm not a radical about it, but I do look at labels when I shop, and I try to buy American-made.”


“I believe in shopping small, and shopping local, whenever possible.”


Renee also had a few words of encouragement for those thinking about starting a small business in America.


“When I started, I didn’t know how to do it, but I knew I could, so I figured it out.”


“My advice would be just believe it can be done.”


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Credits // Author: Wendi Wendt   Photos Provided By: Crash Pad Designs

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