Fashion & Beauty | January 23, 2015

Belt That!

Belts are an important part to any wardrobe, and can be useful in more ways than one. With many different kinds of belts, however, picking the right one for your outfit can sometimes turn into a challenge. Skinny leather belts are a must have for any woman and go with just about anything, while cinched white/brown belts are hard to pair with a lot, but go well with plain dresses and long shirts/ cardigans.

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You’re getting ready for a night out with the man in your life, and you decide to pair a black and white strapless romper with a the loose-fitting one size fits all white go to tee.  Without a belt this outfit looks frumpy and long. It can be overpowering to a small body, so what do you do? Belt that! Use a black leather belt to pull the shirt in at the waste.  This will give your body some form, and will add a great amount of detail, bringing peoples eyes to a great place on your body.

You’re getting ready for work and decide you want to wear the navy striped A-line dress with the navy cardigan, but you just can’t figure out what is missing so… belt that! Adding a brown leather belt to this outfit on just the dress will help to bring even more figure flattering details to your outfit.

It’s a lazy day at home, and you decide to wear grey harem pants with the black long sleeve top. It looks good, but kind of plain you decide to add a belt. Don’t belt that! Not all outfits need a belt, belts are good, but don’t need to be worn with every outfit. Typically you should wear a belt with larger, more oversized shirt. In this case you should do something a little simpler such as adding a white statement necklace, or a few bracelets to your outfit.


Belts are a good thing, and an easy way to dress up and outfit. They can keep an outfit from becoming to frumpy, and bring detail to the eye. Don’t forget though, not every outfit needs a belt.


Credits // Author: Sydney Lafrentz  -  Photos: Richelle Smith

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