American Made Profile | June 7, 2015

Beau Monde

Stephanie Gale, the Los Angeles based owner and design artist of Beau Monde Organics, manufactures her scarves from GOTS-certified organic fabrics. Stephanie talked to American Link about building a business producing beautiful and well-designed textiles in an environmentally responsible manner.

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Getting Started

"I've always loved when Art and Fashion come together. As a Multi-Media Artist and Surface Designer, my focus was art for home décor. Exploring the production of my own product came from advances in digital textile printing and led to the creation of my own fabrics. This was special for me. Growing up, multitudes of textiles were always around, as my grandfather was a NYC master tailor who taught me how to sew. My mother also sewed, and encouraged me to make my own clothing. But it was not the sewing, but the gorgeous, colorful textures and patterns of the fabrics I loved best. While researching options, my friend (a Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising-Los Angeles graduate) made a comment about scarves that caused my shift from home décor to fashion accessories.”

The Product

“Making my own specialty scarves was exciting - I’ve always loved scarves-and fondly remember my 'Echo', 'Vera', and 'Diane Von Furstenberg ' scarves. My desire was to create scarves that were exceptional. Different in look, feel, and design; and especially,
to make one feel beautiful and happy when wearing them."


Stephanie’s website,, features a beautiful selection of exquisite scarves. Decorated with Stephanie’s original, eclectic art, the scarves are quietly elegant, while the pattern adds a bit of pizzazz. For work or play, the luxurious organic cotton stays gorgeous on the go, and makes a perfect, easy-to-care-for addition to a travel wardrobe.

Made in the USA

“Starting Beau Monde Organics, I made the commitment to run with ideals I've held close to my heart since I was young; to not pollute, but find new ways to create without harm. To rebuild 'Made in USA' pride by producing high quality American-made products and by supporting other small businesses in the process. And I love to engender these values and goals in others.”


“We're completely designed, printed, hand-cut, and sewn in America, with no minimum-wage skilled American adult labor. The only exception is our premium organic cotton fabrics – original voile and lustrous sateen. They're not currently milled in the USA, so we work with our USA-based textile supplier, importing from ethically run mills in India. We hope for further expansion of American organic cotton production so we can source our specialty fabrics from the USA in future.”

Producing Responsibly

Beau Monde Organics is a personal 'dream come true', built on a mission and commitment to help make people feel beautiful about themselves and what they're buying. My belief is that people love to buy products that are well made without harm to workers, animals, or our planet. We’re committed to being ‘mindfully-made', to giving back, and our mission is the guide: nothing happens unless it's aligned with our vision for peaceful positive change.”


Advice for Entrepreneurs

“I'll share the advice from one of my business mentors: Answer the question, ‘What are you passionate about?’ Do something you love, make it of benefit to the world, and keep sustainability in mind. It's the best choice for a business that looks to lead into the future."


Click here to learn more about Beau Monde Organics and shop their products.

Credits // Author: Wendi Wendt  -  Photos Provided By: Beau Monde Organics

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