Fashion & Beauty | July 21, 2015


You’re wearing your brand new outfit, want to show the world, but don’t know how to take a great picture of it. We’ve all been there, and now here is your solution. There are two big picture ways to take a great outfit shot for Instagram-on your body, and off your body.

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On Your Body

Taking this kind of outfit shot can sometimes be difficult.  You can do this one of two ways… with a mirror or a timer camera. Mirror pictures are great to show a whole body outfit and what it looks like from the front. These pictures usually do great with natural light so open up those shades and snap a pic! However, the disadvantage to this is it can be hard to take a picture of the back out your outfit with just a mirror and your hand.


With a timer camera it is a little easier. Most phones today have either a timer camera in them, or you can purchase a free one from the app store. When taking a timer camera outfit shot, set your phone on some type of ledge (window sills are great), set your timer, and pose. It’s as simple as that.

Off Your Body

Off your body outfit shots are great for those days you have an adorable outfit on, but just didn’t feel like doing your hair. These can be done on the floor, or on a hanger. Simply lay (or hang) the outfits how you would wear them, and snap a pic. Getting creative with these is always fun. Don’t be afraid to show the Instagram world your great outfits. Just follow these few simple steps and you will be on the road to likes.

Credits // Author: Sydney Lafrentz  -  Photos: @isntthatcharming, @thestyleletters, @helenadelonge

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